Second Grader

On : 9 August, 2014 | Category : 2014

To say that Jian has been anxious all summer about school starting back would be a huge understatement.  She loved first grade but has a very difficult time with change.  All summer she has just about made herself sick worrying about her new teacher, new classmates, having too far to walk to her classroom, and how all of the kids would react to her crutches.  The night before school started, she stayed awake until about 10:30 with nervous energy, asking questions over and over until I accidentally fell asleep while she was talking.


I woke her up the next morning and began to get her ready for school.  She went into a bit of a fit due to the fact that she had no control over having to go to school despite begging me just to home school her like some of her other friends.  I knew to be quiet and calm and to give her extra nurturing, which quickly calmed her down.  We arrived at the school, and her counselor came to the car to walk her inside.  Jian crossed her arms and refused to budge, admitting that she was scared and thought all of the kids would laugh at her.  We sat there holding the line up for what seemed like forever, but was honestly probably about 10 minutes.  She was very slow to go inside.


I received a report after lunch that she just sat and didn’t interact all morning until the janitor saw her walking down the hallway.  He made a huge deal over the fact that she was standing taller and walking so much faster than last year, which made her feel really proud.  From that point on, she was challenging teachers and students to race her with her crutches!  She got in the car at the end of the day and said, “Ok mommy.  You were right.  I was wrong.  Second grade is awwwe-sooome!”  What a relief.  She has set a goal to be able to read English fluently, and I look forward to watching her blossom in this area this year.  Every step of our journey, I am reminded again and again that she is going to be ok.  Stop worrying about her, Stacie.  She is going to be ok.

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