She is starting to read!

On : 4 November, 2013 | Category : Jian is home!

After being in school for 2 months and practicing most evenings after school, Jian is starting to read English already!  She has been working hard on matching upper case and lower case letters, learning letter sounds, and memorizing sight words.  She has started becoming very interested in books and reading.  Now when we read short books, I will point to each word and give her the chance to say it first.  She is usually able to read at least half of the words (mostly ones she has memorized as sight words.)


She had a very fun Halloween with a Trunk or Treat, a trip to Boo at the Zoo and Trick-or-Treating in our neighborhood.  On Halloween night, we went with our neighbors on a hay ride and went to the neighborhood park.  Jian saw lots of other children from school and talked to them and played with them.  After a while, Daniel and I noticed that we were the only parents hovering over her and taking lots of pictures.  Jian gave me “the look” so we backed off as much as we could.


After trick or treating, Jian wanted to go to our neighbors’ house with everyone else.  As soon as we went in, I lost her.  After a few minutes, I asked someone where she was.  They said that she had gone with the other girls to watch a movie.  She had gotten up into the chair and told them that she needed a blanket to curl up with!  She is feeling much more at home, and I am so grateful for this.


As far as her mobility, she is feeling more and more comfortable walking with her cane.  The last hurdle we need to conquer with it is having her use it at church and when we go shopping and on outings.  We are going to get started at Lakeshore, which is a wonderful resource for children and adults with disabilities.  They have daily balance classes, yoga, swim lessons, climbing wall, etc.  She can go as often as she wants for only $30 per month!  We were put on a waiting list when she came home for equine therapy where she can be assisted in riding horses to work on balance, gait pattern, leg strength, and confidence.  The wait is 2 years, but I just found out about another program across town where she can possibly start this spring!  The Lord continues to hear our prayers and open doors for us, and we are so proud and thankful for every blessing.

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