She’s a trooper!

On : 5 September, 2013 | Category : Jian is home!

We are slowly making progress with Jian being comfortable wearing the brace on her foot.  She keeps saying that she is scared that people will laugh at her.  The brace is very small, and her sock covers it up, but we are trying not to downplay her anxieties about it.  Any time she will put it on, we praise her.  If she will walk in the house with it, we praise her.  If she will get in the car wearing it, we praise her.  She has worn it outside to ride her scooter twice.  The first time, her next-door-neighbor friend saw us.  Jian ignored her and rode away on her scooter because she didn’t want her friend to notice the brace.


But inside our house, she is on a mission.  She works so hard every day with her therapy, sleeps in the shorts that help pull her legs together, and lets me stretch her like crazy.  After about 30 minutes of tendon pressure, massage and stretching, I was able to bring her left leg in so that it touched her right one today.  Something I wasn’t sure would be possible a few weeks ago.  It sounds to me like there is some kind of dramatic event at school on most days (spilling chocolate milk all over herself, crying on the playground, walking along and having the strap on her shoe break, etc.)  But she doesn’t seem worried about it when I go pick her up.  She is always calm and says she had a good day.  She stood up in front of the whole class today and was being silly and making them laugh and had to be told to be quiet!


Now that I have started back to work, our schedules are pretty hectic every day trying to work on her English and doing her therapy after school.  We usually do something really fun on Saturdays, and she is loving her new Bible class at church.  I am so amazed by her resiliency and how God equips the three of us as we face each new challenge.

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