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On : 4 May, 2014 | Category : 2014

We have had quite an eventful week!  Earlier this week, the video story that CrossFit headquarters filmed a couple of months ago was released.  I was very impressed by their work and thought the video turned out great.  (I added the youtube link under Jian’s Videos tab.)  It was nice to read some of the comments from complete strangers who saw the story and were inspired and touched by it.  The next day, I went to pick Jian up from school, and her counselor asked me if I had seen what had come in the mail yet.  I had no idea what she was talking about.  She said that there was a “huge” mailer that was the size of an entire newspaper page with our picture and story on it.  Someone had brought it to school and asked Jian to sign it!  Then my friend called me and asked if I had seen that our story had been mailed out to everyone.  The next day other people were contacting me about receiving it.  Apparently, it was sent out to different parts of the Birmingham area throughout the week.  I really am just speechless.


From the very beginning of this journey, and more-so after we came home with Jian, I have prayed that God would use us to allow others to see Him.  It really is amazing to watch His plan unfold. These articles were written more with emphasis on Jian’s physical strength and progress.  But there could be numerous other stories written.  The most important one being her spiritual progress.  Jian had never heard of God before coming home with us.  To watch her faith grow is so inspiring.  When she needs help, she knows Who to ask.  She will spontaneously close her eyes and start praying aloud.  Then she will open her eyes and smile and say very calmly, “God’s gonna help us.”  Our church family has been so wonderful with her, and she is just blossoming.  She can currently name all 15 Judges of Israel from the Old Testament.  I’m not sure if most adults can do that!  Of course we work on all of this at home daily, using songs to help with the memorization.


I decided to compete in a CrossFit competition this weekend, and she was pretty anxious about the fact that I would not be home for one night.  Before I left, she burst into spontaneous prayer: “Diya God, pwease help my mommy win a pwize for huh ex-a-cize.”   Boy, if that didn’t motivate me!  Lifting heavy weight is not really my strength (no pun intended.)  There were 3 workouts.  One and a half of them were geared toward weight lifting.  On the other 1 1/2, I placed second on each.  I was 5th overall in my division, which did not qualify me for a “pwize,” but I was very proud of my efforts.  I thought about her sweet prayer and how she would give anything to have the ability to get out there and do those movements, and I pushed myself harder than I ever have before.  She is my inspiration.  And, hopefully, I inspire her just a little bit, too.

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