She’s walking a marathon!

On : 8 October, 2013 | Category : Jian is home!

I could not be more proud right now!  Jian is starting to really see progress with her walking and leg strength, so she is very motivated to come home from school every afternoon and do therapy with me.  Today, she put on her brace and walked about 25 feet without holding onto a cane or the wall or anything!  I tried to stay really calm, because she can easily act silly and break her concentration.  But she was so proud of herself when she was done, and she knew that I was too.  She even wanted to keep walking out the front door and onto our porch a few steps.


My biggest effort and prayer are still trying to reduce the left hip abduction contracture so that her hips, pelvis and legs will be in proper alignment.  If we can get that corrected, there will be no holding her back.  Her school is doing a Kids’ Marathon in February, and she has signed up to do it.  Between now and then, we will log how much she walks every day, adding up to 25 miles.  Then on the day of the race, she will walk the final mile with her classmates and cross the finish line to receive her medal.  She continues to love school and make more friends.  She is really catching up with math and learning letter sounds and sight words in English.


Tomorrow, we will be hosting 2 ladies from China in our home for the remainder of the week.  They work for our adoption agency and are in town for a conference.  Jian was asking last night if they were coming here to take her back.  She also just asked me if we would let a baby with black hair (that is how she describes Chinese people) come and live with us.  She said that there are so many who are sad because they do not have a mama or baba.


She is  starting to ask lots of questions about spiritual things.  We were talking about how God made the trees and flowers and birds, and He helped us to find Jian.  Her response was, “God no help Jian Ying find pink watch.”  (She is heartbroken over misplacing her pink princess watch.)  We still have a lot to learn in this area, but a few months ago, she had never even heard of God.  I am so thankful and humbled to be on this journey with her and to see the world through her eyes.  She has no idea of all the life lessons she is teaching me.

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