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On : 23 June, 2013 | Category : China

Today was good because there was no paperwork for us to be working on.  We went with a group of several other adoptive families with our guide to go shopping and sight seeing. Jian slept well again, although almost every night she yells out something in Mandarin while sleeping.  It is frightening to us, but she never wakes up.  While getting ready for the day, my suspicion that Jian can do a strict pull up was confirmed.  I am glad the hotel towel racks are sturdy!  We have to watch her like a hawk. She is like a fast little gymnast and can climb on top of something in seconds.


After we received prior approval for Jian’s adoption, I kept seeing a sweet little 3 year old boy on Lifeline’s website that I couldn’t get off my mind.  Guess what?  He and his family are in our travel group this week! Guess what else?  His family is from Nashville and also graduated from Lipscomb University!  Such a small world.  While shopping, we bought Jian some pearls and a jade necklace representing her birth year to give to her when she is older.  We ate lunch, then braved going to a department store again.  It was like Black Friday in America.  Jian seemed fine, but I was completely overstimulated.  The last time we were in WalMart, we were looking at the “cute fishies” when a worker pulled one out and beat it over the head with a metal rod.  I was horrified!  I am so ready to be able to drink something with ice in it and not worry about clean water.  It is around 100 degrees here, and I carry Jian everywhere, and most places we go don’t have air conditioning.  The last guide we had said that she was told that this was our first child so to be patient and take extra time with us.  She told them that we were perfectly fine and seemed like we had done this before.  Another family in our group said, “Every time we look at you two we think you will adopt 10 more in the next 10 years.”  I don’t know about 10.  One or two more maybe…

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