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Well, Jian got her wish.  When we brought her home, she began talking about winter and Christmas and how fun it is to play in the snow.  We explained that we really don’t get any snow in Birmingham.  She has been very disappointed about this.  For months, she has been pleading with God to make it snow.  She is always very specific with her prayers, “Please God, not just a little bit of snow.  A LOT of snow.  I want to play in the snow.”


A couple of winter months passed, and I told her that maybe we could take her somewhere sometime on a vacation where they will have lots of snow.  But last Tuesday, It. Snowed.  I started seeing flurries around 9am at my first patient’s house.  Around 10:00, it was starting to really blow across the roads, so I contacted her school.  They had not indicated anything about letting the kids out early yet.  I decided to go ahead and see my 10:00 patient and then make my way toward the school.  By 10:30, everything was covered.  What should have been a 25 min drive took 6 1/2 hours.  I have never seen anything like it.  I have lived in Birmingham for 14 years, and we have had flurries maybe 2-3 times.


Daniel was not able to get home from work and had to spend the night there.  The next morning, he heard that someone had made it home, so he tried it.  He got about 3 miles from home and was afraid to go down a hill that was really icy because there were so many stranded cars that he would have to avoid. So he started walking.  In his suit.  And slick-bottomed dress shoes.  He had not packed a heavy coat.  He put his tie around his neck like a scarf and put on the only gloves in his car–his weightlifting gloves.  A nice man in a big truck saw him and asked if he needed help.  So he hitch-hiked home.  He and Jian played outside for hours.  She built a snowman and went sledding down our driveway.  I am so glad that her prayer was answered, and equally glad that everything melted 2 days later!

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