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On : 8 August, 2013 | Category : Jian is home!

Well, we had to reschedule the MRI after all of that trouble.  All because she chewed a piece of gum that morning, which I did not know isn’t allowed.  So it is rescheduled for a week from tomorrow.  We had her measured for a wheelchair and should get it within the next couple of months.  It is one that will grow with her for the next 5 years.  She will probably have to use it inside the school at first and for long distances: going out shopping, etc.  My long term goal is that she will not need it, though.  We had a follow up with the social worker and pediatrician at the international adoption clinic, and both made me feel really good.  The social worker saw a lot of progress and wants us to keep doing what we are doing until her 6 month follow up.  She wants Daniel to keep having at least 30 minutes alone with her in the evenings and to do a special date alone with her every Saturday so that she will continue to bond with him.  She has gained more weight (9% body weight in the past 7 weeks to be exact.)  Her right leg is visibly and functionally improving.  She can walk down a flight of stairs now by only holding one hand on the handrail.  She had a screening for her hearing, just to make sure there weren’t any problems, as many children in orphanages have chronic ear infections leading to some hearing loss.  It was fine, just as I thought.


Then we had the big appointment I had been waiting for: Ortho.  Three men came into the room wanting to look at her legs, hips, spine, see her walk, etc.  She was very intimidated.  They took x rays, which she tolerated pretty well.  No scoliosis noted.  Her right hip was fine.  In fact, the orthopedist didn’t even realize that the right leg was affected until I reminded him.  That is how much stronger it looks.  The big problem is the one I discovered after her second physical therapy appointment: Her left hip has an abduction contracture (it is stuck out to the side 30 degrees and cannot be pushed back in.)  In his opinion, this will require surgery and a body cast with 8 weeks for recovery.  He does not want to do surgery until everything settles down and wants to revisit toward the end of this year.  He also didn’t want to go overboard with lots of braces for both legs.  For now, he recommended one brace to hold her left foot up when she walks and a lift to go on her shoe due to her left leg being shorter than the right.  We will go tomorrow to have the braces made.  I have also been able to talk to her school, and it looks like we will be able to let her try to start on time, which is a week from Monday!


So, for the next several months we are going to use the braces, do exercises and stretching daily and possibly, hopefully reduce that contracture to avoid surgery.  I really appreciate all of your prayers and have definitely felt them this week.

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