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When I first started CrossFit, I would literally go into a panic any day that I walked into the gym and saw barbells on the floor.  I had always worked out in some capacity, but never with barbells. I think the heaviest dumb bells I had ever used were maybe 12 pounds. As I started being coached on the different Olympic lifts, I would watch the instructor perform the movement. I understood what he was talking about, but when I tried to perform the movement, it wasn’t correct at all.


I tended to make a couple of major mistakes. First, I would try to “muscle up” the weight using smaller, weaker muscle groups rather than using the proper technique and allowing my bigger, stronger muscles to do the work. Secondly, I would allow fear to take over and analyze the lift too much rather than simply trusting what I had been taught and following that pattern. Specifically, when moving heavier weight, my body would refuse to drop underneath the weight and trust that my muscles could deliver in keeping me safe and standing me upright again.



In my walk with Christ, I tend to have the same problem. I recently cried out to God questioning Him why His word says that His yoke is easy and His burden is light. After all, in choosing to follow Him and take the narrow path, my life has been nothing resembling easy or light. In my quiet time of prayer and being honest with myself, I realized that maybe I knew the answer.  Maybe I haven’t truly given everything over to Him. Maybe I haven’t yet completely learned to trust Him to carry my heavy loads. Maybe I’m still trying to muscle things on my own because it is too scary to drop underneath such heaviness, believing that He will steady me and stand me back up.



It is common in adoption for a child to question the parents’ motives. To wonder why in the world they would go to all of this trouble for me. Why did you choose me? Why did you leave your home and come across the world to help me? Why, out of my pain, when I behave in negative ways, do you still choose to love me?


I think as Christians, some of us have a hard time understanding these same questions about Christ. But whether our minds can fully grasp it or not, the truth remains. He did leave His perfect home in Heaven to come to this earth and suffer many things on our behalf, including death on a cross.  And His Father is so powerful that He raised Him from the dead on the third day. His blood washes away all of our sins, and He will raise us up into Heaven one day with glorified bodies and freedom from all of this world’s troubles if we choose to follow Him.


And hopefully in the meantime, we will learn as we navigate through this life to completely surrender to Him. Because it sure will make our heavy lifts feel a whole lot lighter.


Those who know your name trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you. Psalm 9:10

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