Rehab Medicine Visit Yesterday

On : 25 March, 2015 | Category : 2015

You may remember that last summer I asked a great doctor at Shriner’s Hospital to review all of Jian’s records and give an opinion of whether he thought surgery would help her.  Basically, he said that whether we did surgery or not, he thought that Jian would always need to walk with her crutches.  So I told myself […]

Neurology appointment

On : 23 July, 2013 | Category : Jian is home!

Today Jian had her nerve conduction study.  At first, they did little “shocks” and eventually used needles in different muscles in both legs to determine which muscles are receiving input from her nerves.  They used gel with electrodes at first and used a little magic marker to mark where to apply the electrical impulse.  Every time […]