Fun with “Gurlz-Ouz”

On : 21 September, 2015 | Category : 2015

After being in third grade a couple of weeks, Jian came home and said, “Mommy, what is gurlz ouz?” Ummm, let me think, can you ask me that again? “You know, gurlz ouz, where you have a lot of fun, play games together, go camping…” Oh! Girl Scouts!  Yes, are you interested in Girl Scouts? […]

Soccer Games and CrossFit Competitions

On : 20 April, 2015 | Category : 2015

Jian does not back down from a goal.  In her own words, “I’ll never give up!”  I saw this first hand after we had been home for about 3 weeks and she took me on for our first battle of the wills.  Three hours later I was questioning what I had gotten into.  But it […]

Elsa Started School

On : 2 March, 2015 | Category : 2015

When Jian came home and was looking through our photo albums, she saw pictures of Mina, our great dane, when she attended obedience school and a picture of her wearing a graduation cap.  Since then, Jian has been obsessed with getting her own puppy and taking the puppy to “school.”  Saturday was Elsa’s first day.  We […]