Dear Jian: You Make Me Better

On : 26 April, 2017 | Category : 2017

  Dear Jian,   I have been thinking about our recent trip to Baltimore and wanted to make sure that you knew how very proud I am of all of your hard work. Making the long trip up there was not easy in itself.  You stayed so patient and calm during that 14 hour car […]

Just Run Over There and Come Right Back

On : 16 June, 2016 | Category : 2016

Several weeks ago on a Sunday while Daniel was still in Baltimore, I was able to go to church outside of DC where our friend preaches.  At lunch we were talking to his daughter about where she would go to college.  I told her to be careful because I never intended to be a long […]

She rode a bike!

On : 6 July, 2015 | Category : 2015

Last week, Jian did an intensive week of physical therapy.  She went Monday-Thursday for 3 hrs per day. Besides a lot of exercise and strengthening and weight bearing through her left leg, her one big goal was to ride a bike.  There is a bike at the therapy gym that has been modified with sturdy training […]

Yesterday’s Appointment with the Orthotists

On : 29 May, 2015 | Category : 2015

Yesterday was a big appointment.  Jian went to meet with her physical therapist, an orthotist, and another man who represents a company who creates dynamic splints.  I could tell that everyone was sort of holding their breath when she came in to see how cooperative she was going to be.  They wanted her to demonstrate […]

All Things Working Together for Good

On : 4 May, 2015 | Category : 2015

Within the first couple months of Jian coming home, I knew that the contracture in her left hip was the biggest obstacle in our way of her goal of walking independently.  I had a dynamic splint in my mind that she could wear that could be adjusted as it gradually stretched her left leg in toward midline.  I […]

Post Testing

On : 13 June, 2014 | Category : 2014

When I was in middle school math class, my teacher happened to be my best friend’s dad and was a great mentor to me.  He taught us one day the importance of setting specific goals with specific time frames, writing them down and working toward them.  That concept really clicked with me, and I have […]

Almost Done!

On : 11 June, 2014 | Category : 2014

Jian woke up bright and early feeling great today.  After she released all of that frustration yesterday, she was the back to her loving, sweet self for the rest of the night.  She worked for 3 hours from one activity to the next to the point of complete exhaustion today.  She has been working on […]

Week 3

On : 10 June, 2014 | Category : 2014

Toward the end of the first week of this therapy, I remember thinking that I wish she could just do this all summer.  Now I am so glad it’s almost over!  She is exhausted and so am I.  I think because she is physically exhausted, she is having huge emotional breakdowns on a regular basis.  […]

Working to Exhaustion

On : 4 June, 2014 | Category : 2014

Before we began this intensive program I was worried about 2 things: That Jian would not be cooperative and that she would not be physically able to tolerate all of the work that her muscles would be asked to do.  Everyone has been praying, and neither of these has been a problem.  Jian worked so […]

Week One is Complete

On : 31 May, 2014 | Category : 2014

Jian’s therapists couldn’t be more pleased with her participation and hard work.  She admits that she is working very hard and is very tired, but has not complained once about her muscles being sore, which I suspect that they are.  It is obvious to watch God working through Jian’s therapist.  When we arrived yesterday, he […]