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Praise God, through whom all blessings flow!  This lyric is singing in my head right now.  Today I brought Jian home from school.  When we pulled into the garage, I had my hands full and told her to hold her cane and come upstairs with me.  She tried to pout and say she wanted me to help her or wanted me to carry her.  I tried to reason with her until finally I had to take my bags upstairs while she was still pouting in the car.  Typically this would turn into a huge melt down, 30 minutes of crying, then crashing into a nap.  But today, when I turned around from upstairs, I saw her holding her cane and walking up the flight of stairs with confidence!  Of course I made a big deal about it, praised her like crazy and gave her a “surprise” that I had stashed away in the closet.  She was so proud of herself that she wanted to do more exercises and try walking independently.


Without her cane or her leg brace, she walked across 2 rooms in our house today, and with little time and effort.  She is able to see her progress and point out that she is walking faster and comparing this to what she could do when she first came home. Last week at the grocery store, she got out of the car and used her cane to walk up to the store for the first time!  She is usually self conscious and wants me to carry her or hold her hand as she walks in public.  I am so proud of her and all of the hard work she is doing.  We are also thankful that her best friend from China is scheduled to come home in approximately one month.  Another friend is matched with his family, and I just heard that another good friend we have been praying for may be matched now as well.  Jian has started praying for yet another girl who is their age and has grown up at the orphanage to find her parents.


I am so happy that her faith is being built through answered prayers.  We took her to see Santa Claus on Saturday.  Before we went, she wanted me to write down her Christmas list to give to him so she wouldn’t have to talk to him.  She couldn’t think of anything to write down, so I reminded her of some stuffed animals that she has mentioned wanting in the past.  Then she insisted I write down that all of her friends in China want a toy for Christmas.  She really is so thoughtful and considerate for her age.  She drew a card for 2 close friends in her class at school and made them a bracelet.  She attached the bracelets to the cards, and it really looked like a gift you might buy at a cute gift shop.  I have no idea how she knew to decorate them like that.  It is also very rewarding seeing how she interacts with young children and babies now. She is so sweet and nurturing to them compared to when she first came home.  She wasn’t mean before; she just didn’t have the skills or knowledge to show proper affection.  It has now been 5 months since we met Jian.  Everyone said that things will start to become much easier at the 6 month mark and then the one year mark, and so far they have been right. This year on Thanksgiving, we have more to be thankful for than ever before.

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