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Jian has been mentally preparing to be able to trick-or-treat for months.  She has given herself goals and challenges to test her abilities to maneuver the neighborhood.  She has practiced carrying containers as she walks.  She has talked to friends at school and made plans for who would walk with her.  She chose to dress as her favorite princess, Ariel The Little Mermaid.  At the last minute, she became self conscious about the red wig and decided to leave it at home.


Our neighborhood has a lot of fun activities at holidays.  Friday evening we all gathered at one of the parks while the kids played and ate some food.  Jian found her 2 good friends from school.  They proceeded to walk from house to house, with Jian insisting that Daniel and I stay several steps behind and allow her some independence.  At many of the houses, her sweet friend would take Jian’s bag up the steps to the porch to retrieve her candy for her.  Her other friend’s dad kindly let the girls ride in his golf cart when they needed to rest.  I wish I had measured how far they walked that night.  It had to have been several miles total.  They finally decided to go back home not because they were tired, but because it was very cold.


Her friend decided to spend the night with us.  As the girls poured out their candy, they began trading.  I heard Ashleigh say, “Here, I can’t have these.”  They were chewy candies that she can’t eat because of her braces.  Then Jian said, “Here, I can’t have these.”  Wondering what in the world she was talking about, I stepped into the room, and Jian admitted, “Well, I just don’t like them.” The girls had a great time playing all day Saturday. And on Sunday, just like clockwork, Jian had a little melt down.  She just cannot process when something out of routine occurs, especially if she is tired.  But I saw it coming and we dealt with it just fine.  She also brought up the fact that maybe she should be less bossy when playing with her friends.  I keep reminding myself that she is almost 10 years old and I only have a few short years to train her up until some bright-eyed, unassuming boy crosses her path.  That poor soul has no idea what he is in for!

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