Week One is Complete

On : 31 May, 2014 | Category : 2014

Jian’s therapists couldn’t be more pleased with her participation and hard work.  She admits that she is working very hard and is very tired, but has not complained once about her muscles being sore, which I suspect that they are.  It is obvious to watch God working through Jian’s therapist.  When we arrived yesterday, he said that he was wide awake at 2am with his mind racing about ways that he could help Jian.  She worked a lot on carrying her backpack yesterday, though she would only do it in a private treatment room without people watching her.  I can only assume that she feels that it is difficult and is afraid that she may fall in front of people.  She did a fabulous job while “cruising” walls and furniture without her cane while wearing it.  Maybe we can practice this summer just inside of our house every day and add more and more weight to it so that eventually it feels light to her.


For about half the day, Jian worked on using a new set of crutches rather than her quad cane.  I want more than anything for Jian to walk independently, because that’s what she wants.  And inside of a small space, she can do that with effort right now.  But I also know that we have got to come up with a plan and quickly for when I take her to the mall and grocery store.  These crutches allow her arms to do a good bit of the work, and when she gets used to them, should allow her to walk long distances at a normal speed.  She agreed for us to bring them home and practice over the weekend without protesting very much.  The other issue we are going to look further into is figuring out how to support her right (strong) foot, as she walks on the inside of it.  All of the orthotics we have tried so far put too much pressure and cause pain on her foot.  We have to figure out something though, because over time, the way she is walking will likely cause pain and problems all the way up her leg and into her back.  I feel confident that we can solve this problem in the next couple of weeks.


I am making a list of everything we can continue to work on for the rest of the summer, and I think she is motivated enough to cooperate with me.  She plans to go with me to check out our CrossFit Kids class on Monday, which could be great for her if she does those classes 3 times per week for the next 2 months.  I sure do appreciate everyone’s concerns and prayers.  A couple of people from church have mailed Jian cards, which she LOVES getting mail and keeps them with her when she goes to therapy.  We will plan to let her get some good rest this weekend to be ready for her second week coming up.

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