What if things had been different?

On : 8 December, 2013 | Category : How this all came about

three family

I know this is a futile game to play, and I do not allow myself to go down this slippery slope when wishing things of the past had been better in some way.  But recently I have found myself connecting the dots to uncover many of our life events leading up to Jian’s adoption, and it is pretty amazing to see how our God can use broken people and unfortunate circumstances to “work all things together for good.”


  • What if I had followed my original plan and chosen to go to graduate school in St. Louis instead of Birmingham?
  • What if I had let a heartbreak from the past prevent me from going to that Auburn game where I met Daniel?

stacie and daniel

  • What if I had not accepted my first job in pediatrics, considering I was one of the only people in my class who never planned to do therapy with children?
  • What if I had not participated in that small group Bible study where I finally saw the “Ah ha!” of what being a Christian is all about?
  • What if Daniel had not been taught at an early age to give and be compassionate to those who are in need?
  • What if my family had never had to worry about money?
  • What if I had never felt the rejection of an earthly father?
  • What if Daniel had not experienced the loss of his dad at an early age?
  • What if we had not developed mental toughness through these circumstances that would prepare us for future challenges together?
  • What if those who were called before us had not answered, “Here am I, send me” to set the example for us?


I know I have been put here “for such a time as this.”  Everyone has experienced hardships, but disappointments from the past should not rob us from blessings in the future.three of us

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