“Ya Ya is Coming Home!”

On : 24 January, 2014 | Category : 2014

When we brought Jian home, she left behind the only family she had ever known.  Several children around the same age had all grown up at the orphanage and lived together as “siblings.”  Her very best friend, whom Jian calls Ya Ya, was so sad when we left.  Jian has been grieving for her “sister” to come home.  Last night, she did!  Of all the families in the world, a sweet family in Tennessee adopted her.  From our house to theirs is only a 3-4 hour car ride!


We picked Jian up from school and drove to Nashville to the airport to greet them and go to dinner together.  Ya Ya (American named Dani)  did not know we would be at the airport. She spotted us from several yards away.  Her mom said she heard her whisper, “jian.  Jian.  JIAN!”  She started walking faster and faster and beaming from ear to ear.  Jian was actually pretty shy at first.  In the car, she told us that she didn’t remember how to speak Mandarin completely, so she felt uncomfortable.  At the restaurant, though, they got lost in their own world and were communicating just fine.  Jian has seemed kind of sad lately, but I think that knowing her “sister” is safe and nearby is going to help greatly.  It is a wonderful thing to see how this plan has unfolded so far for these 2 sweet girls.  Two more friends are scheduled to come to the US in a few months. I am so glad that Jian will have the opportunity to stay in contact with these children who share such a unique bond.

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