“You’re Too Big, and You Make Me Walk”

On : 22 December, 2013 | Category : Jian is home!

It seems like just in the past couple of weeks, Jian has really grown up.  She weighs 40 pounds now, and I haven’t measured her height, but I’m pretty sure she is taller.  Her hair is getting so long and beautiful.  She is so much more talkative and confident.  She has been really excited about Christmas.  She had her picture made with Santa several weeks ago. Since then, she has reported that for some reason a lot of men have been dressing up like Santa and coming to her school, her neighborhood, etc, but they’re not the real Santa.  They don’t even walk with a cane like he does.  She is excited about trying to watch Santa when he comes to our house on Christmas Eve.  She wants to fall asleep on the couch and have him come over and cover her up before he leaves.


Her class at school had a Christmas party last week.  She took several gifts for all of her teachers. She was worried all week about how she was going to get her backpack and all of those gifts transported and delivered.  She told me when she came home that she had prayed to God to help her friend Jessica lift her backpack and carry it for her, and He did!  She has been adamant about not wanting Daniel or I to come to her school when all of the other parents come.  When we asked her why, she pointed to him and then to me and said, “You are too big, and you make me walk!”  She constantly cracks us up.


It has been 60-70 degrees every day this week, but Jian has been praying every night for snow on Christmas.  Just this week she has gained a new level of understanding about how to control her independent walking.  I keep encouraging her to just stand up and walk wherever we are as if it is no big deal. So far she is still mostly comfortable doing this inside of our house.  Jian asked Santa to take all of her friends in China gifts for Christmas, and I can’t wait to show her pictures of them on Christmas morning.  To be continued…

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